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Akashi: the original “ji-whisky” 

Akashi adheres to the philosophy of the Eigashima Distillery. Today, it offers a line of complementary craft whiskies, called "ji-whiskies" in Japan, made up of two blended whisky and five single malts. Each of these whiskies is aged or finished to perfection in various types of exclusive casks. With this line, Akashi incorporates the expertise of an entire generation of local artisans accustomed to producing more traditional Japanese spirits.


Products of the brand

Akashi whiskies, or "ji-whiskies" can best be described as Japanese whiskies produced in small quantities in the heart of a local, traditional, craft distillery. Made mostly by hand by local artisans, these precious Akashi spirits are enhanced by the time-honored expertise of the Eigashima Distillery and marked by their rare and refined character.

Eigashima distillery

Eigashima has been dedicated to promoting Japanese whiskies since becoming the country's very first distillery to be granted a license to distill whisky in 1919. Over the years, Eigashima has been determined to maintain its authenticity, Today, it presents a full line of "ji-whiskies" incorporating the very best that Japan has to offer.

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