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Strongly peated Japanese secrets...

These two insider Japanese whiskies herald the comeback of the Saburomaru distillery, the only one in the region of Hokuriku. They are unique for their highly peated profile and limited production. Indeed, the whiskies are only produced in the winter so that the company can focus on more traditional alcohols like sake the rest of the year. The sake is especially inspiring because it employs unique fermentation techniques paired with yeast strains developed specifically with the regional university. The brand also uses a wide variety of casks, the legacy of a prolific past, to ensure an impeccable maturing stage for the precious liquid.


Products of the brand

Stemming from an ancestral know-how, Saburomaru The Magician and Gyokuto are two strongly peated expressions produced in ultra limited edition which mark a true revival for the distillery Wakatsuru Saburomaru.

Saburomaru distillery

Only distillery in Hokuriku region, The Wakatsuru Saburomaru distillery has had a turbulent history marked by many notable events.

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