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A whisky in tribute to Japanese culture!

Kōriyama is the latest creation from the Asaka distillery, and proudly bears the name of the plain where it is located. This Japanese whisky highlights a strong symbol of Japanese culture: the Koi carp, emblem of determination and courage. Kōriyama is a whisky with a gentle, consensual aromatic profile, with gourmand notes of vanilla and yellow fruit.


A new reference joins the Nektar Arrangé range!

Discover Nektar Arrangé Grilled Apples & Almonds, made with Martinique agricultural rum and hand-cut fruit. A premium, modern version of rhum arrangé, with fruity, sunny packaging!


A rum paying tribute to the god of luck and prosperity

Cihuatán Suerte is a limited-edition rum made from a unique blend of rums aged between 15 and 17 years in new American oak barrels. This rich, gourmet rum has notes of salted butter caramel, candied figs and sesame.

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