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Taragawa: the new brand of Japanese rum

Crafted in close collaboration with our teams by three artisans in situ, the two authentic expressions of the Okinawa archipelago allow the local sugar cane to fully develop its character and aromas.


Far East of Peat Fourth Batch: a collaborative limited edition

The Saburomaru distillery aims to revolutionize the world of Japanese whisky by exchanging stocks with other distilleries to create unique aromatic profiles.  Discover Far East Of Peat Fourth Batch, a blended malt that combines the know-how of the Saburomaru and the Eigashima distilleries.


Yamazakura Peated: a new peated product from the Asaka distillery!

The Asaka distillery offers a peated version of the iconic Yamazakura blend, adding a new color to its palette.

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