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Lazy Dodo

The incarnation of exoticism in a bottle of rum! 

This rum owes its name to an iconic symbol: the dodo, a legendary bird unique to the island of Mauritius that went extinct in the early 18th century. Because it couldn't fly, it was nicknamed the “Lazy Dodo”. This rum features a mix of natural flavors from sugarcane and from the tropical fruits that grow abundantly on the island. 


Products of the brand

The only reference of the brand Lazy Dodo is a Single Estate Rum made from local sugar cane and transformed into molasses. This rum features a mix of natural flavors of the sugarcane and the exotic fruits that are abundant on the island.

Grays distillery

Ambitious and anxious to offer a high quality rum, the Grays distillery has made numerous investments, notably in the acquisition of distillation equipment but also in the construction of aging cellars. Located in Mauritius, the distillery puts all these high quality resources at the service of a traditional know-how, captured in a unique reference.

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