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From farm to bottle

The Husk distillery makes small-batch artisanal rums from freshly milled sugarcane juice, grown, harvested, aged and bottled sustainably on its estate. A pioneer as Australia's first agricultural rum distillery, it embodies a "farm to bottle" philosophy, using only sugar cane grown on its own farm. Every sip of Husk rum is an authentic expression of the Caldera Coast terroir, where the volcanic soil and subtropical climate give each variety of cane its own unique character.


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Husk Distillery uses its expertise in blending, distillation and ageing to create gourmet, aromatic rums.

Husk distillery

Nestled in an exceptionally rich region, the Tweed Valley, where around half a million tonnes of cane are harvested every year, the Husk distillery embodies the Farm to Bottle philosophy, establishing a close connection with its environment. On a 60-hectare farm, Husk minimizes its ecological footprint by adopting a sustainable approach, guaranteeing the continuous production of quality cane while preserving 12 hectares of primary forest, home to many endemic species.

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