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Aber Falls

100% Welsh

Distinctively Welsh, Aber Falls is eager to introduce its unique style to the world of spirits. Inspired by magnificent landscapes and abundant natural surroundings, the staff are enthusiastic in their pursuit of one-of-a-kind expressions that embody the full spectrum of their know-how. Aber Falls Single Malt, which we have been eagerly anticipating, is made from locally grown barley distilled with water from the legendary Aber Falls waterfall.


Products of the brand

Inspired by their rich Welsh heritage, the creators of Aber Falls Single Malt and the Aber Falls line of gins have selected complementary expressions to showcase their know-how abroad.

Aber Falls distillery

The Aber Falls Distillery is one of four active distilleries in the country of Wales. In addition to making authentic Welsh references, its artisans are also committed to promoting their generous and inspirational local heritage. 

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