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Worthy Park

Jamaican treasures!

These British-style rums will carry you deep into the history of Jamaica and its ancestral traditions. The island's oldest distillery offers us a complementary line with assertive profiles, acquired in particular through their distillation in the iconic double retort pot still. Processing and showcasing the sugarcane is the priority at every stage and it shows in these authentic, delicious expressions. More than a rum, treat yourself to a taste of Jamaica's culture and history with Worthy Park.


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It is customary in Jamaica to distill in hand-made pot stills, which is the practice at Worthy Park. The resulting rums are usually more complex and more pronounced than rums made in the Spanish style. The precious liquid is then allowed to rest in casks that were previously used for bourbon, most of which are sourced directly from Tennessee. Next, the tropical climate plays its part in the accelerated maturing of the rums which are bottled on the estate.

Worthy Park distillery

The Worthy Park distillery is the oldest distillery in Jamaica. It covers more than 3,500 hectares and has its own sugar mill and precious sugar cane fields. With its ancestral know-how combined with modern equipment, it produces rums with complex aromatic profiles instantly recognisable.

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