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Old Perth

A blended malts range aged in sherry casks by the Morrison family

For a long time, the Scottish town of Perth was a hub for whisky producers who would meet there to craft and create different blends. In homage to this practice, which has long been abandoned in favor of single malts, Old Perth is introducing a new generation to a line of blended malts crafted in the legendary town with a fine selection from distilleries in the Glenlivet region. These whiskies have a common denominator: they have all been aged exclusively in sherry casks to guarantee a rounded and rich taste profile. 


Products of the brand

The Scottish town of Perth has long been a symbolic place for whisky producers which came together to craft and design many blends. As a tribute to this practice longlt neglected in favor of the creation of single malts, Old Perth brings up to date a range of blended malts assembled in the mythical city by a fine selection of distilleries from the Glenlivet region.

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