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Yushan Single Malt

The exotic flair of an authentic Taiwanese whisky

A rejuvenating wind is blowing in Taiwan. We invite you to discover the new identity of Yushan Single Malt, which we are now offering in a 50-cl bottle. Drawing on a wealth of know-how and top-quality raw ingredients, the line whose name references the country's tallest mountain has established itself as an essential reference in the premium Asian whisky category. The island's tropical climate conditions favor accelerated maturing and the concentration of the unique aromas captured in three selections with complementary profiles: well-rounded for the bourbon cask, rich for the sherry cask and peated, of course, for the peated version.


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Sitting at 3,000 meters above sea level, the Nantou Distillery benefits from an outstanding subtropical climate that is perfect for aging these whiskies.

Nantou distillery

Modern yet traditional, the Nantou Distillery offers a line of authentic and sophisticated Taiwanese whiskies that have quickly made a splash on the international scene. 

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