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Paul John

High-end Indian single malt whiskies

Inspired by the diverse surroundings of Goa, the Paul John Distillery decided to create a full line of Indian single malts incorporating each of the elements of the local landscape. Every Paul John single malt is produced in accordance with the strictest of specifications: the barley must come from the lush green hillsides of the Himalayas and only be harvested in the summer, when the grain has reached its optimal maturity. The wash is distilled twice in copper stills, thereby allowing the distillate to develop its pronounced flavor. The aging is done in American oak casks selected with the greatest care. By rigorously enforcing precise requirements at each stage of the production process, the Paul John Distillery is able to provide these unique expressions which embody the many features of the Goa region.


Products of the brand

Every raw material that goes into the production of Paul John's line of Indian single malt whiskies is selected and prepared with the utmost care, resulting in distinct and complementary expressions available in peated and non-peated versions. 

Paul John distillery

The Paul John Distillery produces high-end Indian single malt whiskies. Inspired by the spectacular - and sometimes hostile - nature of Goa, the distillery's artisans put their hearts into bottling the very essence of their expertise. 

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