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A Japanese whisky with rich and complex aromas

Okayama single malts from Miyashita Distillery are pure and rare gems. Combining the ambition and persistence of Japanese know-how, these elegantly finished whiskies are a triumph.  Its clear and pristine water comes from the legendary Asahi River, just a stone's throw from the distillery. Rich, refined, and refreshing whiskies. 


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Okayama single malt whisky is the fruit of the exquisite heritage of the prefecture with the same name. Its barley is grown locally and its water comes from a nearby spring. This authentic Japanese whisky offers a delicious glimpse into the know-how of an entire nation. 

Miyashita distillery

Like many Japanese distilleries, the Miyashita Distillery takes advantage of its many decades of experience as a brewer. Its artisans are therefore adept at producing traditional Japanese eaux de vie and capable of transferring their extensive skills into the manufacture of spirits. 

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