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Pastis 12/12

Pastis with a St. Tropez twist !

Dreamed up over a game of pétanque on the mythical Place des Lices, Pastis 12/12 combines the artisanal know-how of Provence with the St. Tropez way of life. Its unique taste comes from a series of macerations including: orange blossoms which add mild acidity, almonds which echo the flavors of a mauresque cocktail and figs from a small farm on the St. Tropez peninsula for natural sweetness. With fewer than 12 grams of sugar per liter, Pastis 12/12 is one of the least sweet pastis!

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Products of the brand

Breaking with the traditional presentation of aniseed-flavored spirits, the 12/12 bottle is inspired by the flat decanters of the 1950s, and the design was entrusted to St. Tropez-based illustrator Quentin Monge.

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