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Northern Ireland

Hinch Whiskey

A distillery mixing tradition and innovation!

Meaning "island town" in Gaelic, the Hinch brand is based in Northern Ireland. Resolutely modern and laid-back, the Hinch Whiskey present a diversified range of products that showcase the exchange of expertise resulting from its proximity Scotland, in keeping with the brand's ambitions. There's plenty for whiskey enthusiasts to savor over the course of different tastings.


Products of the brand

The Hinch distillery's whiskeys benefit from all the qualities generally attributed to Irish whiskeys: smoothness, elegance and authenticity... but also a little extra soul with a strong character, more complex. To obtain these particular profiles, the distillery selects liquids coming from the most beautiful distilleries of the country and then ages them in its cellars.

Hinch distillery

The new Hinch distillery aims to blend tradition and innovation through a diverse range of authentic Irish whiskeys. Its philosophy pushes it to redouble its ingenuity and creativity in order to create whiskeys with a singular profile. 

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