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A single malt that revives memories

Stobcross is the premier single malt released from stills at The Clydeside Distillery. It evokes the heyday of Glasgow, which was once the epicenter of Scotch whisky production, whose output was of incomparable quality.  The Morrison family once again called on its network of experts to single out top-notch ingredients. The malted barley is produced by a renowned family-owned company, Simpsons Malt, which has been malting barley in Scotland since 1862. The maturing casks are carefully chosen under the direction of Jim Swan, another whisky icon with many accomplishments to his credit.


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The Clydeside Distillery is bringing the historical heritage of whisky back to life through Stobcross, its iconic reference.

Clydeside distillery

Located on the banks of the River Clyde, The Clydeside Distillery is stirring up memories and breathing new life into the docks of Glasgow. Indeed, the excellent reputation of Scotch whisky was forged in this celebrated Scottish city.

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