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South Korea


The first brand of South Korean whiskies in France


“Hwa” means fire, and “Yo” symbolizes a noble object. The name Hwayo reveals this Korean brand's philosophy of using the riches provided by nature to craft a rare, noble product. The brand was created by KwangJuyo, a company specializing in high-end ceramic craftsmanship and renowned for its fine Korean tableware since 1963. In 2005 the company launched its premium line of soju, Korea's national alcoholic beverage and an integral part of the country's culture, giving birth to the Hwayo brand. In a spirit of conquest and the neverending pursuit of quality, the teams at Hwayo decided to blaze their own trail, creating one year later the first Korean whisky made exclusively from rice: Hwayo X.Premium. South Korea hopes to become the next country to be closely followed on the Asian whisky scene.


Products of the brand

Hwayo X.Premium is the first Korean whisky made exclusively from rice. This single grain has no additives and is unique in the French market. Its philosophy is based on the use of main ingredients drawn directly from nature's bounty: pure, crystalline rock water from Yeoju Province, and short-grain japonica rice grown in Korea, the kind used in traditional soju production.

Hwayo distillery

Inspired by the traditional process of soju making, Hwayo chose to use nature's bounty as the primary ingredient in its whisky. The distillery offers a refined, innovative whisky, a true reflection of his country and its thousands of contrasts. 

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