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An homage to water in all its forms


The name says it all: Waterproof truly pays homage to water in all its forms. On the one hand there's rain, so characteristic of the Scottish landscape, and on the other there's water, an essential element in the production of whisky. Its striking yellow color calls to mind the Scottish chemist Charles Macintosh, inventor of waterproof fabric and the famous yellow raincoat, indispensable on a rainy day in Scotland. This blended malt whisky, sourced from several Scottish distilleries, offers wonderful complexity and character, reflecting the expertise of its country and its own offbeat packaging!


Products of the brand

Proudly wearing its yellow raincoat, the daring combination behind Waterproof blended malt makes it stand out. Crafted from malt whiskies from the finest distilleries in Scotland, Waterproof reveals itself to be a complex whisky with sherry barrel influences.

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