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The Gospel

An Australian rye whiskey mastered to perfection!

In the south of Australia, in the heart of the Murray Mallee region, The Gospel distillery elaborates a rye whiskey with the greatest care. 
Far from being a long quiet river, it is complicated to ferment rye and it does not offer as much yield as barley. This cereal plays with the nerves of all those who dare to venture into the field of Rye Whiskey production. But it would take more than that to discourage The Gospel teams, who know their efforts are not in vain. 


Products of the brand

The Gospel brand offers us a reference made entirely with Australian rye. Crafted with passion and devotion, this rye whiskey makes no mistake and lives up to the promise of its category, a rich and spicy spirit.

The Gospel distillery

The Gospel was born from the dream of two friends: build in 18 months a craft distillery on a human scale. Driven by the passion and creativity of a fine team of brewers, the distillery is determined to make unique and tasty Australian Rye Whiskeys.

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