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South Africa


A rum that plunges us into the legend of the Knysna forest!

Elephantom is produced by the Kinship Spirits distillery. It takes its inspiration from South African legends to develop spirits steeped in history that highlight the country's symbols. Produced from local ingredients, Elephantom is a true vehicle for local – often ancestral – heritage, but above it plunges you deep into African myths and the natural wealth of this exceptional region. In this case, as its name suggests, Elephantom pays tribute to one of the country's most iconic animals. 


Products of the brand

A herd of elephants once lived in the Knysna forest, until poaching sadly ended the reign of these unique elephants. Since then, a solitary elephant continues to appear and disappear as if by magic in the eyes of those who would seek to find the trace of these majestic animals. Is it a ghost or a hallucination? Elephantom was created in honor of this last solitary elephant and invites us into the depths of the folklore of this new exotic destination.

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