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The Japanese art of blending

Togouchi's range of whiskies are carefully handled by Funada San, who has managed casking at Sakura Brewery & Distillery since 1976. Now an expert in cellar aging, Sakurao Distillery has secured a 2% evaporation rate in its cellars, which are buried several hundred meters underground at the foot of the Osorakan mountain. The surrounding mountains are particularly generous to the Togouchi brand, which draws its water from the Oze river. These unique characteristics set the brand apart and allow it to produce an elegant, fruity, and precision-crafted range of whiskies.


Products of the brand

Togouchi whiskies are all aged in a unique place: a 361 meter-long underground cellar, buried at the foot of the Osorakan mountain near the valley of Sandankyo. It offers the ideal conditions for maturation thanks to a constant temperature of 14°C and 80% humidity. This allows for the slow extraction of aromas from the barrel and results in the elegance and crystal colors of Togouchi whiskies.

Sakurao distillery

With its innovative technology park, Sakurao Distillery is constantly striving for excellence and creativity. The distillery also benefits from an inspiring environment, full of natural resources within reach of the stills. It is the first and only distillery in Hiroshima Prefecture, offering unique spirits of rare authenticity.  

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