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Japanese rums, 100% local!

Taragawa Japanese rums allow the quality of the local ingredients employed to shine through in their two expressions. Three craftsmen focus exclusively on preparing these rums and meticulously watch over the production. The local sugar cane is carefully harvested and processed into molasses. Then, natural elements such as recovered rainwater and the climate do the rest. The idea here is to work as naturally as possible and to impart to the rums the soul of Miyako Island, so that it can subsequently travel beyond its borders. 



Products of the brand

Made from molasses rum from the distillery’s sugar cane produtcion, the Taragawa rum range consists of two references to complementary profiles: a fresh and gourmet white rum and a rum aged in complex and fruity bourbon barrels.

Taragawa distillery

Since 1948, the Taragawa micro-brewery has been making traditional alcohols on the island of Miyako. The idea of producing their own rum then made its way to a first distillation in 2018.

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