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All the secrets of El Salvador in a bottle

Cihuatán means "the land next to the sleeping woman" in Mayan in reference to the Guazapa Mountain, whose lines resemble a female form, a goddess who gives richness and fertility to the surrounding land. It is upon this ancestral legend that the history of Cihuatán rums begin, as true ambassadors of El Salvador that reveal genuine richness and expertise.  From cane sugar to ageing in oak barrels and bottling, the brand checks all of the stages of manufacture for its rums to provide a journey immersed in the heart of the legends of El Salvador. 



Products of the brand

Whether a rain or sun god, each Cihuatán rum has been designed around a Mayan legend that makes each product unique. Artisanal products produced using the distillery's expertise, Cihuatán's range of rums offers fresh, complex flavours to allow you to discover the treasures of El Salvador.  

Cihuatán distillery

The distillery is situated in the Cihuatán valley, more specifically at El Paisnal, in El Salvador. Founded in 2004, this artisanal distillery checks all of the stages of production for its rums, from cane sugar culture to ageing, distillation and bottling. 

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