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Sakurao Whisky

Sakurao's expert range, matured in Mizunara casks!

Sakurao Single Malt stands out as an authentic, cask-aged Japanese whisky of the highest quality. After meticulous distillation in custom modified stills, Sakurao Single Malt is aged then refined in casks made from Mizunara, a rare Japanese tree that gives these whiskies their smooth notes of incense and coconut. 


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Produced by Sakurao Distillery, Sakurao Whisky is a single malt characterized by its authentic Japanese whisky profile aged in high quality casks. Distilled with the utmost care in custom-calibrated stills, this bottle will win you over with its incomparable mellowness.

Sakurao distillery

With its innovative technology park, Sakurao Distillery is constantly striving for excellence and creativity. The distillery also benefits from an inspiring environment, full of natural resources within reach of the stills. It is the first and only distillery in Hiroshima Prefecture, offering unique spirits of rare authenticity.  

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