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New Zealand


Single malts ambassadors of a new land of whisky!

As a newcomer on the international whiskey scene, Pokeno is distinguishing itself with an authentic range of single malts. Produced entirely from locally sourced ingredients and distilled, aged and bottled on site, Pokeno invites you to discover the pure spirit of Aotearoa, aka New Zealand. Using pure spring water, drawn for centuries from the volcanoes surrounding the distillery, and barley grown with passion on family farms on the South Island, these single malts capture the essence of this extraordinary and remote land. 


Products of the brand

Pokeno brand expressions are made entirely from malted barley, grown on the island of New Zealand.  Without compromising on quality, the Pokeno distillery promotes a local supply, a long fermentation and a slow distillation to guarantee body and roundness to its whiskies.

Pokeno distillery

Nestled at the foot of the volcanoes overlooking the northern island of New Zealand, dive into the Pokeno distillery. Ambassador and proud of its environment, it invites you to discover this remote territory, guided by the respect of traditions to position the country as a new essential land of whiskies.

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