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Cedar Ridge

Authentic handmade American whiskeys 

The result of the boundless creativity of a team of whiskey aficionados, the Cedar Ridge line lets you sample the various aspects of the grains that have ushered in the golden age of American whiskeys, most notably the rye, which nicely complements or frees up our beloved barley. The town of Swisher, located in Eastern Iowa, enjoys fluctuating temperatures that have a significant impact on the whiskeys by allowing the wood of the barrels to diffuse its aromas and benefits more quickly. This advantage also comes with a drawback: a larger part of the whiskeys, which are aged in barns, is evaporated. The notorious "angel's share" is 18% here, compared to 12% on average. But never fear, the cherubs have blessed you with plenty of leftover whiskey for your tasting pleasure.


Products of the brand

The Cedar Ridge Craft Distillery presents an elaborate line of authentic American whiskeys. And while the spotlight is obviously on the corn, the rye, wheat, and barley steal the show with their complementary flavors that provide for a tasting session like no other. 

Cedar Ridge distillery

The Cedar Ridge Distillery was named "Best Craft Distillery" for 2017 by the American Distilling Institute amongst 1,300 American distilleries! The award says a lot about the quality of the distillery, which has been working hard to provide us with authentic American whiskeys since 2005. 

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