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A high-end Japanese vodka!

Distilled entirely from Japanese rice, this vodka is the first edition proposed by the Sakurao distillery, known for the precision and authenticity of the spirits it produces. The rice variety used is one of the most qualitative varieties for the production of traditional alcohols, Yamada Nishiki rice, very rich in starch. The latter is particularly difficult to grow because of its high weight, which often causes it to fall during growth. 


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The rice used to make the Kinbu vodka is called Yamada Nishiki, it is a very high quality Japanese rice that gives to it a soft and silky texture where blend aromas of cereals and flowers for a finish full of lightness and freshness.

Sakurao distillery

With its innovative technology park, Sakurao Distillery is constantly striving for excellence and creativity. The distillery also benefits from an inspiring environment, full of natural resources within reach of the stills. It is the first and only distillery in Hiroshima Prefecture, offering unique spirits of rare authenticity.  

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