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A whisky erased from time, but not from memory

Stronachie, or the renaissance of a whisky from the early 20th century... This brand illustrates one man's determination to pursue an undertaking started by his grandfather in 1904, the year the remarkable Stronachie whisky first saw the light of day. In 2002, after a tasting of the last remaining (and meticulously preserved) cask from 1904 by a panel of experts, and thanks to the talent of Tim Morrison, heir to a vast wealth of whisky production know-how, Stronachie could finally be recreated.


Products of the brand

Stronachie is a single malt Scotch whisky which - much to the delight of connoisseurs - has experienced a miraculous comeback. A rare and precious whisky endorsed by Tim Morrison, an iconic figure in the whisky industry. 

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