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Dominican Republic


Legendary rums


Legend tells us that Relicario rum originated from a precious liquid contained in a flask that was secreted away in an ancient reliquary for many long years. As the guardian of this treasure, Relicario puts all of its resulting expertise to work in its rums, sharing the flavors of this authentic Dominican liquor with the world. Made from sugar cane sourced exclusively in the Dominican Republic, Relicario rum benefits from an optimal aging process thanks to the humidity and warm climate of the Caribbean. The result is a daring selection aged for varying amounts of time, sure to pique the curiosity of connoisseurs.


Products of the brand

Relicario rums exhibit all the expertise and authenticity of traditional Dominican Republic rums. They are made using a static aging process under optimal climatic conditions, with no added sugar, and cold filtered. The entire selection showcases a time-honored Dominican tradition, perfected by the historic producers of sugar cane.

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