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Authentic bourbons whiskeys from Kentucky

Rebel stands for authentic Kentucky bourbon whiskey. Nearly all the corn used to make it is grown at a farm near the distillery, which promotes a short supply chain. The brand, which was created in 1936, still has the organoleptic characteristics that made it a success when it was first distilled in 1849 by Stitzel Weller.Rebel continues to craft rye-free bourbons, although rye featured prominently in recipes in the 19th century. This winning tradition continues to ensure the unique character of these two products. 



Products of the brand

Rebel is a brand of authentic Kentucky Bourbon Whiskeys. Almost all of the maize used comes from a farm near the distillery, favouring short circuits.

Lux Row distillery

Specializing in the production of authentic bourbons, the Lux Row distillery was formed in 2015 by one of the most influential families producing alcoholic beverages in the United States.

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