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Whiskies matured in Brazilian wooden barrels!

The Lamas single malts convey all the generosity and richness of Brazil. The family distillery takes pride in using local wood species to create unique aromatic profiles. For example, Bàlsamo wood, which the indigenous people call "caburé" in their native tongue, lends herbaceous and spicy notes. Putumuju, which means "tree of the Ara", in honor of the colorful parrots that nest in them, gives the whiskey a beautiful hue, in addition to herbaceous and earthy notes on the palate. Outstanding whiskies are now within your reach. 


Products of the brand

Made entirely from malted barley, the single malts of the Lamas range are aged in Brazilian wooden barrels that bring them all their uniqueness. Discover these exceptional references from the country of excess.

Lamas distillery

The Lamas distillery is located in Belo Horizonte in the region of Minas Gerais, the highest in altitude of Brazil. It benefits from a tropical climate that is both warm and humid all year round.  It was created a few years ago by a passionate family of distillers from father to son. Three brothers are now writing the course of their history.

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