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Nektar Arrangé

Flavour and exoticism combined in a colourful packaging!

Remember the name! Nektar Arrangé offers you a modern, premium take on arranged rums. This exotic but French product line honors our rhum agricole from Martinique by skillfully pairing it with carefully chosen fruits. Made in the traditional way, these seven must-try variations come to life in your mouth to reveal all the aromas and freshness of the meticulously hand-cut fruits. Nektar Arrangé is sure to raise the temperature a few more degrees with its vibrant colors and contemporary, arty design. 


Products of the brand

A new Whiskies du Monde creation is born for our greatest pleasure! The valorization of the French terroir remains at the heart of this new colourful history. Nektar Arranged is a range of gourmet rums that combine the quality of agricultural rums from Martinique with sun-drenched fruits meticulously cut by hand. Discover the first seven expressions of the range that will give you a great insight into its potential.

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