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Malt Riot

The unavoidable blended malt of The Glasgow Distillery!

The Glasgow Disillery's iconic, blended malt, Malt Riot pays tribute to the 1725 riots. At the time, the Scottish government had decided to impose taxes on the production of malted barley. The city of Glasgow was hit particularly hard by these events, because the home of a member of parliament who had supported this law was destroyed, which caused a furor in the papers. Under pressure, the government backed off and the tax didn't come to pass. 


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This product, which combines a large proportion of The Glasgow Distillery's single malt with a rigorous selection of single malts from other distilleries, contains all the expertise of a nation that is determined to preserve its heritage.

Glasgow distillery

The Glasgow distillery is bringing back to light the historic local know-how of its region in the production of Scotch whiskies. Driven by the vocation to put technology at the service of innovation, the distillery gave birth to two brands: Malt Riot (blended malt) and Glasgow 1770 (single malt).

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