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A trendy line of English whiskies 

Each of the Copper House Distillery's unique creations has something in common: that of making good use of the centuries of knowledge and experience acquired by the company's brewery. Bold and creative, the brand uses its various expressions to convey genuine concepts combining tradition (thanks to its premium local raw materials) and innovation with an effective approach to sustainable development. Never short on ideas, Adnams has unveiled this multifaceted selection of whiskies which beautifully reflect the distiller's inspirational passion for creating great spirits.


Products of the brand

A genuine breath of fresh air in the European microdistillery scene, this line of Adnams whiskies is made unique by its funky and sometimes never-before-seen creations. Driven by strong values rooted in modern causes such as environmental protection and the promotion of local distribution channels, Adnams is definitely worth discovering! 

Copper House distillery

The Copper House Distillery is relatively new to the microdistillery scene, having been founded in 2010 by a team of English beer brewers looking to expand their offer. Driven by strong convictions, the management team is an advocate of local distribution networks and promotes environmentally-friendly production practices in its community. 

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