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The elegance of a French single malt whisky

Following the launch of its first French single malt Évadé in 2019, Whiskies du Monde is continuing to promote the French terroir with its new French pure malt whisky brand: Fondaudège. Combining authenticity, elegance and refinement, Fondaudège pays homage to French heritage and in particular its long forgotten know-how as a distiller. These pure malts proudly displays their coat of arms, with its discrete French flag and handwritten signature, reflecting the care taken in producing these nectars. After twenty years exploring the four corners of the world looking for the best spirits, Whiskies du Monde has taken its inspiration from the codes of pure French tradition to offer an authentic tasting experience.



Products of the brand

Authentic 100% French Pure Malts, distilled in Charentais stills. They are aged in oak barrels that have contained brandy, which gives them greedy notes both woody and fruity.

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