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From cane to carafe

In 2006, Yves Assier de Pompignan had a dream in Martinique: to revive the Habitation du Simon, an ancestral witness to the island's history since 1710. The A1710 distillery, the fruit of this vision, emerged after years of determination, becoming the first to reopen its doors after a long slumber.
A1710 reinvents tradition, combining family heritage with innovation. Every step, from harvesting the sugar cane to distillation in the Charentais still, is marked by this duality, blending tradition and modernity.

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Products of the brand

A1710 rums, the fruit of slow fermentation and meticulous aging in barrels steeped in sea and mountain breezes, capture the very essence of the island. Each sip reveals the history of a family, the breath of a terroir, and the art of a perpetuated tradition.

A1710 distillery

For lovers of spirits and cane brandies, tasting A1710 rums represents a journey beyond known frontiers. The exclusivity of the production techniques and the originality of the recipes make A1710 rums extraordinary.

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