The Gospel Distillery


The Gospel distillery was founded by Ben Bowles and Andrew Fitzgerald, two fervent disciples of craft distillation. Located in the narrow streets of Melbourne's eclectic Brunswick neighborhood, the distillery was born from a dream that became reality : the one of creating an artisanal and human-sized distillery.
Founded in only 18 months, the distillery is now home to the passion and creativity of a fine team of brewers who are dedicated to creating unique and flavorful Australian rye whiskies.


Passion in service of the community

Here, the most valuable distillation techniques from around the world are studied closely, then re-interpreted in service of Australian craft rye whiskies that are produced with passion, integrity, tradition, and commitment. This proudly patriotic distillery is community-oriented and happily pays its rye suppliers a fair price for their products, as well as committing to local social and cultural movements.

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The Gospel

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