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Sakurao Distillery


Inaugurated in 2018 in the town of Hatsukaichi, on the coast of the Seto Inland Sea, Sakurao Distillery takes the next step in disseminating its expertise by presenting its first range of single malts. Thanks to the experience of a team of proven Japanese craft distillers, all of whom come from the region of Hiroshima, the distillery makes its mark as a key player in the market with authentic, masterful products influenced by an unusual environment.


Sakuraro Distillery developed a complex, masterful distillation process

Under the supervision of Taihei Yamamoto and Wahara Sen, the brand new stills have been modified to meet specific requirements. Their swan necks are purposefully inclined downwards in order to retain a greater portion of the esters and congeners, allowing for the production of more complex whiskies. A hybrid still is then used for the second distillation, which results in a higher alcohol volume than usual (85% ABV) and more fruity whiskies.

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In addition to its brand new, innovative facilities, the distillery never hesitates to repurpose its equipment or to make expert technical adjustments in order to obtain precise aromatic profiles. The art of distillation is masterfully handled by Miki Wahara, the first woman to hold the position of distillation manager at Sakurao. All these factors contribute to a unique range of elegant, fruity whiskies that are distilled, aged, and bottled in Japan. 



Master Distiller

A pillar of Sakurao Brewery & Distillery, which he joined in 1998, Mr. Taihei Yamamoto has pursued his career in malt liquors at Sakuraro Distillery since its creation in 2017. After brilliant studies in chemistry and microbiology, the distillery's Master Distiller visited and studied distilleries around the world to perfect his knowledge of alcoholic drink production. A great opportunity for the company, who made sure to keep him!

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