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Grays Distillery


Founded in 1932, Grays is one of the oldest active distilleries on the island of Mauritius. It is a member of the Terra group, founded in 1838 by the Harel family, which owns approximately 7,000 acres of sugar cane land in the northern part of the island. Its close proximity to the plantations enables the distillery to access a raw material with exceptional organoleptic properties. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the distillery's focus has been on the production of premium rums. 


The Eldorado of sugar cane

Lost in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a veritable Eden for sugar cane, introduced by the French and British colonists. Planted on a well-adapted soil: fertile, clayey, volcanic and sufficiently drained, it constitutes a raw material of choice for the elaboration of rums, and this since the 19th century. In the image of this idyllic setting, Mauritian rums are fresh and enchanting, evoking with delight this tropical Eldorado where life also flows lightly.

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