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Paul John Distillery


Named best Asian distillery for the fourth straight year in 2018, the Paul John Distillery is an ode to modernity. From the very start, the owners were driven by the desire to create top-of-the-line Indian whiskies. To make their single malts and meet their high expectations, they built a custom, state-of-the-art distillery equipped with all the latest technology.


Exceptional production conditions 

The owners of the Paul John Distillery called upon a panel of experts from England to install their distillation equipment. As a result, they are now the happy owners of magnificent Indian copper stills that are capable of producing 3,000 liters per day. 
Their decision to set up shop in India's Goa region was not made by chance. The reason was simple: Goa boasts some of the country's most pristine fresh water, a vital element in the production of any whisky worthy of the Paul John name.


Goa’s exoticism

As a matter of fact, Goa can even be seen as somewhat hostile, with a tropical climate that leads to the distillery losing large amounts of its whisky to evaporation. In India, this loss due to evaporation (aka the "angel's share") is extremely high. It is caused by the heat and humidity so characteristic of the Goa region, and can reach levels of 10-12% per year. This amounts to a loss of 80% of the original spirit in just 8 years' time. Nevertheless, the high temperatures also allow the whiskies to age much more quickly. Paul John's Brilliance and Edited lines are often compared to Scotch whiskies that have aged for 15 years!


Michael D’Souza

Master Distiller

Michael D’Souza has been active in the Indian whisky industry since 1993. After earning his stripes at several grain distilleries, he was asked to take over the production of single malts at the Paul John Distillery in 2008. 

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