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Asaka Distillery


Founded in 1765, Sasanokawa Shuzo is the oldest brewery in the Tohoku region of northwestern Japan. Sasanokawa Shuzo specializes in traditional Japanese beverages, particularly sake, but in 1946 it decided to start exploring the world of whisky. With nearly 200 years of expertise in the production of Japanese alcoholic beverages, the company quickly revealed its mastery of high-quality whisky production. In 2015, Asaka Distillery was opened to meet the growing demand for Japanese whisky. Located at the heart of the Fukushima Mountains, Asaka Distillery decided to put its traditional expertise to work to create the most elegant and refined of whiskies.


An artisanal distillery in the heart of the mountains

Asaka is the only whisky distillery in the Tohoku region, and benefits from the exceptional natural resources in the area. The water used to produce its whiskies comes from Lake Inawashiro, one of the largest lakes in the country, located just south of Mount Bandai. The family business, with a total of three people, has equipped itself with tools worthy of its ambitions. The 390m² distillery houses two pot stills made in Japan, and a 790m² cellar where the distillate is aged in bourbon barrels for at least three years. It's a traditional distillery that uses ancestral methods and prides itself on its refined whiskies, a reflection of their country.

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