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Glasgow Distillery


It tooks over one hundred years for a distillery to re-open its doors in the second largest city in Scotland, Glasgow. Inaugurated in 2014, the Glasgow Distillery adopted the nickname of a distillery founded in 1770, Dundashill distillery, which was renowned for the exceptional quality of its products in an already prolific region.

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An expert trio at the wheel 

To bring the traditions and spirit of authentic whisky back to life, the Glasgow Distillery relies on three experts: founders Liam Hughes, Mike Hayward, and Ian McDougall. Thanks to a number of investments, the distillery purchased cutting-edge technology, which is used to process rigorously selected raw materials. These three experts clearly know what they are doing, drawing on 25 years each at renowned breweries and major groups like Pernod Ricard. This experience allows them to create a range of daring whiskies that blend innovation and tradition, sold under two brands: Malt Riot (blended malt) and Glasgow 1770 (single malts).

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Glasgow 1770 Malt Riot

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