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Komasa Gin

Brand new Japanese gins !

The elegant expressions of the Komasa Jyozo Distillery are the pride of Japan! With the signature botanicals of the region, such as green tea and the world's smallest mandarin orange, "sakurajima komikan", the Komasa Gin line features new, unprecedented aromatic profiles infused with intense freshness. Do not miss the latest expression, Komasa Ichigo, which artfully combines the succulent local strawberries grown in Kagoshima with the vivacity of botanicals like basil. 


Products of the brand

Each gin from the Komasa line is made with a crucial ingredient from Japan's heritage: the smallest mandarin orange in the world (Sakurajima komikan) or green tea. Two unprecedented flavors that beg to be discovered.

Kanosuke distillery

Constructed in 2018, the Kanosuke Craft Distillery is equipped with all the latest technology. Unlike most Japanese craft distilleries, Kanosuke has not two but three pot stills, each with necks tilted at different angles. As a result, we'll be able to sample some rich and aromatic whiskies in just a few months' time. The wait is almost over! 

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