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Kanosuke Distillery


We owe this magnificent line to Komasa Jyoso. The Japanese company has amassed several centuries of experience in the production of local and traditional drinks. Among these we find their famous shochu, which is still their flagship product, in particular thanks to the success of their "Mellowed Kozuru." Their successful experiment in the art of distillation has only confirmed and reinforced their desire to get more involved in promoting their customs and expertise.


A climate that is perfect for aging 

It was against this backdrop that the astonishing Kanosuke Distillery first opened its doors in 2018. Nestled in Kagoshima Prefecture, the distillery's brand new facilities offer an incredible view of Fukiagehama, one of the three largest sandy beaches in Japan. But that's not all! Its temperate climate, extremely favorable for the aging of whisky,
played a key role in the distillery's decision to set up shop here. It's easy to see how the strong winds that stir up the East China Sea in the winter might also have an impact on the whiskies in their casks. 


Breathtaking raw materials 

The landscape, dotted with numerous pristine springs, is a major asset when it comes to the supplying of water. We'll keep a close eye on this distillery, for there's a good chance it will produce some real Japanese treasures.

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