Yushan Signature

The exotic flair of an authentic Taiwanese whisky

Thrust into the spotlight in 2018, the Taiwanese label Yushan Signature was an overnight success. With its inspirational name, a tribute to Taiwan's highest mountain, and its chic, shimmery packaging, this line of whiskies is simply irresistible. The collection is now expanding with the arrival of the “Smoky” version, a perfect complement to its first two single malts. This elegant trio is quickly becoming a must-have.


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Sitting at 3,000 meters above sea level, the Nantou Distillery benefits from an outstanding subtropical climate that is perfect for aging these whiskies.

Nantou distillery

Modern yet traditional, the Nantou Distillery offers a line of authentic and sophisticated Taiwanese whiskies that have quickly made a splash on the international scene. 

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