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Togouchi Single Malt

Profoundly Japanese!

Togouchi's first single malts are uniquely anchored between the land and the sea. The liquids are distilled near the Seto Inland Sea, while the casks are stored in cellars at the foot of the Osorakan mountain, in the small town of Akiota-Togouchi. Crafted and closely monitored by a team of local artisans from the region of Hiroshima, these whiskies capture several decades of expertise and reflect the passion at the heart of these iconic bottles.


Products of the brand

The two Japanese whiskies of the Togouchi Single Malt range give us a breath of freshness while ensuring a certain roundness, partly due to their double aging in bourbon and sherry barrels. Let's embark on an adventure that will transport you straight to the underground cellars of Togouchi! 

Sakurao distillery

With its innovative technology park, Sakurao Distillery is constantly striving for excellence and creativity. The distillery also benefits from an inspiring environment, full of natural resources within reach of the stills. It is the first and only distillery in Hiroshima Prefecture, offering unique spirits of rare authenticity.  

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