The birth of excellent Japanese whiskies

Although it is seldom mentioned, patience is a real virtue in the world of spirits. We discovered Kanosuke New Make in 2018, and Kanosuke New Born, barrel-aged for 8 months, in 2019. Now we proudly present a brand new version of Kanosuke New Born, this time aged for 24 months and exquisitely presented in a smaller, 20cl format. In other words, every year the distillery reveals new spirits, revealing the immense potential of its future Japanese single malt whiskies. Be patient again, and we'll see you next year!


Products of the brand

Just a few more months before the release of the single malts by the Kanosuke Distillery! In the meantime, this "newborn spirit" will give you a delicious preview of the mastery of the distillery's artisans. 

Kanosuke distillery

Constructed in 2018, the Kanosuke Craft Distillery is equipped with all the latest technology. Unlike most Japanese craft distilleries, Kanosuke has not two but three pot stills, each with necks tilted at different angles. As a result, we'll be able to sample some rich and aromatic whiskies in just a few months' time. The wait is almost over! 

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