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Glen Scotia

A line of single malt Scotch whiskies with a touch of the sea 

Glen Scotia single malts are crafted slowly and with passion in the Campbeltown region. It is an ageless place, where the different types of barrels used are imbued with sea spray that can be detected in each expression. For the past dozen years, Iain McAlister has been responsible for the quality of these historic standard-bearers in the region where he was born and raised. 


Products of the brand

Rare and sophisticated, Glen Scotia single malt Scotch whiskies unlock the door to a forgotten historical heritage. Carefully crafted in the famous facilities in Campbeltown, the various expressions are aged in superb casks - sometimes for incredible lengths of time - to obtain their outstanding finish. 

Glen Scotia distillery

The Glen Scotia Distillery hopes to revive the production of Campbeltown's single malt whiskies from the 19th century. Once the renovations required to ensure the distillery's high quality standards were complete, the small team of just seven employees has put its heart into perpetuating this beautiful legacy. 

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