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Vodka Pyla

A disconnected and trendy vodka

The Pyla brand pays a tribute to its roots in the South-West and more particularly to the seaside town Arcachon, known for its majestic sand dune and its miles of wild coast, bordered by a pine forest.


Products of the brand

Made from 100% French wheat, Pyla vodka asserts its invigorating identity and draws its organic origins from this rejuvenating territory, conducive to disconnection. A necessary break in a dizzying daily life to take a moment for yourself ... or to share around a proudly French vodka of extraordinary flexibility.

Société Valdronne - Famille Bernard distillery

Located on the quays of Bordeaux, the Valdronne company is managed by the Bernard family, historically one of the most important wine merchants in Bordeaux. In constant search of excellence and new challenges, the family has developed its own range of spirits whose common point is to meet the highest standards of quality. 

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