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Pyla des vignes

A premium vodka from Bordeaux

Pyla des Vignes celebrates the terroir of Bordeaux. Distilled from grapes grown in Gironde vineyards, this local vodka was carefully crafted by highly accomplished master blenders. Pyla des Vignes is produced by the Bernard family, who have mastered the art of transforming grapes into a variety of wines and brandies. This verstile vodka is a fine choice for mixology and for drinking on its own.


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Pyla des vignes is the result of the know-how of the master blenders who knew how to draw the best from the grapes of the region for the pleasure of the connoisseur. Made from Gironde grapes, all parts of the fruit are used, even the marc and dregs not used by wine producers.

Société Valdronne - Famille Bernard distillery

Located on the quays of Bordeaux, the Valdronne company is managed by the Bernard family, historically one of the most important wine merchants in Bordeaux. In constant search of excellence and new challenges, the family has developed its own range of spirits whose common point is to meet the highest standards of quality. 

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