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Vietnamese rum, 100% pure cane juice

Made using 100% pure sugar cane juice, Sampan rums are the expression of all the richness and quality of the land of Vietnam.  The young brand, the fruit of close attachment to the country and an indisputable passion for rum, has taken upon itself the task of creating the very best Vietnamese pure cane juice rum.   The brand is passionate about prioritising short supply circuits and respecting the environment, using local raw materials and hand-harvesting the sugar cane.  Sampan Vietnamese rums draw on all of the region's riches to bring you a range that perfectly blends tradition, expertise and modernity.



Products of the brand

Sampan rums are all made using 100% pure cane juice from the province of Quang Nam, whose cane is widely acclaimed for its outstanding aromatic properties. Here, Sampan brings us highly expressive, outstanding quality white rums that are a reflection of the richness of their country of origin.

d'Indochine distillery

The 'Distillerie d'Indochine' is a young distillery located to the south of Hoi An, and it's fringed by paradisical beaches.    It was founded by a team of enthusiasts driven by a desire to make the best Vietnamese pure cane juice rum, and to do so in line with long-established tradition and environmental respectfulness.

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