El Supremo

All the lavishness of Paraguay in a bottle

Made from sugarcane honey, the El Supremo line of rums captures the full essence of Paraguay's natural riches. From the manual harvesting of the local sugarcane to the transporting of the liquids in barges along the Paraná River and the use of precious local wood, this line of aged rums will open your mind (and palate!) to a whole new idea of rum production. With only two active distilleries in the country, these exquisite rums are simply not to be missed.


Products of the brand

All El Supremo sugarcane honey rums are made with local resources in accordance with Paraguayan traditions. The sugarcane is harvested by hand to maintain all the qualities of this precious raw material. 

Capasa distillery

The Capasa Distillery takes full advantage of its lush surroundings to produce exceptional sugarcane honey rums. Thanks to its wonderfully fertile soil, Paraguay grows some of the best sugarcane in the world. 

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